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About the SP-project and me

About my café/coffee project...

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Hi ,

I want to tell you something about this project which is about café’s, the mood it has for me and of course the coffee. 

Where to start...maybe at the age of 17, 18 years old, regurarly skip class from school (no, I did not have more problems than most teenagers), but school and the massive crowd was challenging sometimes so than I just get out the bus two stops earlier where I was in the center of the town. Walked to the café’s where it was quiet and sat there for a few hours. Never ever had any problems, except sometimes at school, a preaching from the director. But in the café I was just sitting there, with one coffee, sometimes for hours.... feeling relaxed and comfortable....with the music playing in the background and I was writing, reading and observing. Sometimes a friendly chat with the barkeeper or another visitor but always pleasant. There the love for café’s started...and especially the feeling of relaxing, feeling safe and present. This feeling is just for visiting café’s in the’s not the same as being there in the evening with friends (at that time). Also good but different. Nowadays.....many, many….really many years later....I still have those feelings in café’s. Not that I’m there every day or every week...No, but imaging it is daytime....having a busy life; a bad day; a good day; exhausted after shopping or whatever, and walking in a café, alone or with a friend or your partner.....ordering coffee and most of the time cookies, cake or a sandwich and just sitting there, listening to the music or maybe no music but only the mumbling of the people around you. That feeling of being relaxed and be(ing) present I still have. Do you recognize this? In a way it is that feeling I want to catch in a picture. Not only pictures of the coffee but also with people in the frame. For that I’m looking for café’s where I feel fine, where they have good coffee and are willing to give me some space for photographing and making short films (1 à 2 minutes).

(The love for coffee is another story....I’ll come to that in another post.

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